For technological efficiency, data analytics and medical necessity, Aurora is currently used by leading hospitals in the US and Europe to manage all aspects of patient IVF cycles and perform research on Cardiomyopathy patients.

  • Genotype and phenotype data
  • Family history
  • Lab reports
  • Medical tests

Aurora is architected with the following core concepts in common:

Flexibility – The science of medicine, the disease, and the decisions to be made will all change. Our software is flexible, built to allow quick and easy changes specific to your organization’s needs and standards of procedure.

Integrated and actionable data – A 360 degree view of patient data is required for effective treatment decisions. This includes phenotype and genotype data, test and lab results, family histories, pedigrees, and text reports. All clinical data is collected, analyzed and presented in one package. Clinician can search and view in multiple ways including full display of longitudinal studies.

Clinical modeling – Products are designed by software and data engineers, working closely with clinicians in each specialty. As a result, deployments are effective, efficient, and easy to use within the data intensive clinical environment.

Data access and security – All reporting and security requirements are built into the software workflow and analysis. Authorized clinicians and supporting medical staff can capture, view and take action on data depending upon their read and write access.

Cloud technology – Using the cloud allows you to stay out of the business of managing the tools and technology and instead focus on the medicine.


  • Manage chronic diseases for clinicians needing to longitudinally track patient cohorts using findings or measures not captured in an analyzable fashion by the hospital EMR
  • Retrieve, review, graph, and analyze patient data in a more granular fashion with access to complete patient data and records
  • Analyze, arrange and present complex data through visual dashboards and reporting tailored to the needs of a particular disease specialty
  • Monitor and track multiple procedural tasks with on demand access to test results over days, months, and years
  • Standalone or as a supplement to your current EMR system with hospital, pharmacy and lab integration depending upon your needs




Browse the screenshots below to see our electronic flow sheet for IVF in action.

Browse the screenshots below to see our cardiomyopathy views


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Aurora for IVF Screenshots

Aurora for Cardiomyopathy Screenshots

Aurora for IVF Features
Aurora for Cardiomyopathy Features