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Aurora EMR™

Aurora is a specialty electronic medical record (EMR) & patient management software which uniquely allows providers to track their patient's health over time, making it an invaluable tool for providers who see patients in need of repeat treatments.

Clinical applications include cardiology, fertility treatment / IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), oncology, diabetes, and other chronic disease specialties.  
The system can be utilized either as a supplement to your current EHR or as a stand-alone system. 
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Data Analysis

DELTA uses predictive analytics to compare the performance of treatments, drugs, devices, and procedures in the healthcare industry.
Discover why the FDA named DELTA as a model for how post market surveillance tools should work.
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Patient Registry

Revere is a clinical data registry which imports clinical data from clinics and hospitals into a massive data storage system.
This database is then checked for quality of data and gives feeback to the clinics if more information is needed. 
From here, data is de-identified and can be analyzed for various research purposes, such as determining which treatments work best for patients with specific demographics, or gaining a better understanding of more rare/complex diseases.

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