Boston Advanced Analytics provides hospitals, clinics and researchers with software engineered specifically for practitioners. Built in clinical and treatment specific workflows with data analytics enables informed and rapid decision making for doctors and supporting medical staff. Only Boston Advanced Analytics combines the needs of clinicians and investigators, particularly for genetic-based diseases, into one package.


Each disease has its specific measurements and standard of care procedures that cannot be addressed by a broad-based hospital EMR. Our specialty solutions are developed with input from real practitioners and their medical staff treating these diseases. The software combines and presents complex genotype, phenotype, family history, pedigree, procedural, and lab data into a single dashboard view with advanced reporting and visualizations to improve patient outcomes.



We provide in depth workflow analysis for each specialty area with actionable data and reporting analytics for clinical effectiveness and operational efficiency. In addition, we manage patient registry services and submissions to enable clinical sites to share data across patient populations. This promotes research, patient advocacy and supports practitioners in their investigative roles to advance the study and science of the disease.



The Aurora and Revere platforms are engineered for rapid development of treatment-specific software and registry solutions for a variety of chronic and genetic-based diseases whose needs are not met by generalized EMR solutions. The technology can manage complex data inputs from disparate healthcare settings and devices to share, track, report and analyze patient data and treatment protocols.


News & Events

Boston Advanced Analytics is a member of American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and will be attending the annual meeting in Baltimore, October 17-21.

Boston Advanced Analytics is a member of and will be attending the American Heart Association’s SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS on November 7-11 in Orlando, Florida.