Ongoing access to comprehensive data and analytics with built in workflow is needed to achieve good diagnostic and care decisions. Most relevant clinical data today is captured as text in generalized EMRs not in an analyzable fashion for the practitioner to take immediate action, or for the investigator to advance the medical science.

Each disease state has specific measurements, tests, and treatment protocols. While we work with a range of genetic and chronic disease specialties, we have designed and deployed fully integrated solutions for IVF practices with embryology support and for cardiologists treating Cardiomyopathy.

After decades of working with research institutions from around the globe, we’ve isolated three crucial components in chronic disease management

  • Track patient health data over time
  • On-demand access to patient charts with built-in workflow
  • 360 view of data with automated analysis, visualization and reporting tools to support treatment action

What makes our healthcare software solutions and technology different?

  • Designed for clinicians and researchers based on years of development input from their peers
  • Workflow modeling is guided by the treatment protocols of the specific chronic disease and specialty vs. the administrative and payor needs
  • Genetic data and family history is incorporated into the data and analysis
  • Advanced set of analysis and reporting tools not found in generalized EMR
  • Actionable data is presented and organized in a single view dashboard to support rapid decision making



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