We are dedicated to helping hospital-based clinics, researchers, and healthcare providers working in genetic-based and chronic diseases improve the standard of care — maximizing research outcomes and patient safety through fully integrated data.


Boston Advanced Analytics specializes in workflow and data analysis software for the healthcare industry, transforming the way practitioners are managing patient populations and researchers are advancing the science of disease cure and management.

For over 10 years, we have provided top hospitals, clinics and researchers on three continents, with a 360-degree clinical view of patient data to support a precision medicine approach. Our technology platform leverages the cloud and recent advances in genetic testing and medical wearables to build patient and research communities and streamline clinical operations

We understand how to integrate and leverage the range of data that is now available as the mobile, wearable, and precision medicine eras advance simultaneously. We analyze and present this data, to help clinicians make better care decisions for each individual patient and family and for specific patient populations.

Aurora Clinical EMR technology for chronic disease management and treatment captures the data your current processes and technology can’t collect efficiently and accurately

Revere Patient Registry platform to share patient data across sites and gain insight into disease treatments and prevention

Services practice for work flow analysis with built in scheduling and reporting to streamline clinical operations and patient registry management with automated uploads to save time and prevent error