Our consulting services focus on workflow and data analytics. We help hospitals, researchers and practitioners fully integrate ways to capture, present, share, manipulate and report patient information that comes from various sources and settings. We understand data needs to be

  • Validated to meet clinician and compliance requirements
  • Repackaged to meet the needs of downstream users like hospital electronic records, patient registries, etc.
  • Actionable, which means presented in the form of reports and visuals for clinical analysis resulting in treatment decisions

Boston Advanced Analytics provides consulting services in the following three key areas to support the data analytic needs of clinicians and investigators

Documenting and designing automated workflows

Documenting and designing automated workflows –Disease and care protocols comprise a complex web of activities and providers that also require a system of checks and balances to ensure tracking and compliance. Our workflow services assure data, communications, and schedules are all happening at the appropriate time with the appropriate level of importance.

Healthcare Data Sharing

Connecting and communicating information across networks – Data needs to be shared with colleagues outside your clinic, patients, hospitals etc. This data must be delivered in an intuitive way, and on a scheduled basis so that it can be acted upon in a timely manner.

Patient Registry Software

Patient registry services – Separate from our Revere registry technology, we will work with registries that practices are required to report to. We will take data as stored in your systems, convert it to the published formats of the registry provider and work with the provider to upload that data. As part of these services, we can provide you reports on the quality and quantity of data being submitted. Registries we have worked with include the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology Registry (SART) for IVF, and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR ) for Cath PCI procedures.




We manage data submission to the following registries

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